Ode to the late Kent Stanton by Nascar Noir

Unfortunately, a great musical icon of Pensacola passed away a few weeks ago. Since then, a number of musicians have been doing their part to memorialize some of his great work with their own renditions. My good friend, Nathan Marona, of Nascar Noir whom had recorded his debut album, American Crowbar, in the studio last year reached out to have some help mixing his take on a classic, Ode To The Denizens Of A Small Town. Using the stems from a digital 8-track recorder, I quickly pieced it back together, set it up through my mixer, and slapped on a bit of compression and a few effects to top it off.

If you’d like to learn more about Kent and explore some of his discography, here’s a few places that have been sharing his story online.

Unfortunately, the official live memorial has already passed, but I imagine many people will continue to find things to share in the coming weeks.