New Track from sw33t r3l3ase, “void1”

Back in November/December of 2018, I met up with Ryan Post and the Oscillator gang to work on a number of songs for their first demo release. After the dust had settled and it was just Ryan and I left tweaking the last bits of those demos, we decided to break away our attention and work on a song that he’d been sitting on that was outside of the Oscillator mold.

We whipped out a few quick takes playing through the song on our Yamaha CP-70B. In order to add more atmosphere than the standard pickup output of the electric grand, I used an X-Y cardioid pattern with two Shure PGA181s above the harp and mixed the two together with a solid amount of lexicon plate reverb.

After getting a nice roomy vocal take to accompany the piano, we starting adding a bit of flair. Using a microkorg as a vocoder during the last chorus and a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 for the swelling outro, we polished up and signed off on the track.

Hear it now on Bandcamp, and if you like it, follow Ryan’s page for this project to get future updates.