IV, The Last Piece in the Puzzle

After nearly two years of sporadic recording and mixing (more of sitting on mixes, really), Crystal Coast has finally put out our fourth release in the line-up, all recorded, mixed, and mastered here at Hummingsound by yours truly. Though it may not be a sparkly-pop as some of our other releases, we put a lot of effort into the songwriting and authenticity of this one.

Check out the music below and order yourself a CD if you so choose. We’re currently working on a few videos to accompany these tracks, but we do already have a lyric video for Kodak which we think is pretty cool.

Because of how sporadic recording was on this album, I don’t have too many photos of us working on it. Luckily as we were getting close to its release, we did take a few videos for Instagram while putting in some of the final touches. I wish there was more, but sometimes you’ve just got to work with what ya got.