In the Studio with Marona

In case you haven’t heard of them, Marona has been a local staple in the Pensacola scene for a few years now. I mean, people know their words, their staples, and the exact 3 claps to make on Tallahassee. Nathan reached out to me a few months ago about finally putting pen to paper and making their first full-length album. With a plethora of music that he’s written for the band, packaging all of that into a single LP was going to be difficult, but I’m not here to give any spoilers! So, y’all better not be trying to squeeze anything out of me until we’ve put the final masters to tape and the tapes are on the shelf of your local record store.

At the moment, we’ve just finished tracking electric and acoustic guitar with Nathan and nailing out all of the drums with Eric (Hotel Colors). There’s still bass to be tracked with Ty (Surrounder), vocals with Nate, and final touches (we might be throwing a little party for gang vocals sometime soon). All in all, you should be hearing some of the first singles come March or April.

Follow the band on their instagram or Nate’s instagram if you’re really wanting some play by play action.