GUN ROBO’s new revolutionary rhetoric

Late last year, I worked with Pensacola/Buffalo natives, GUN ROBO, on two tracks, My Better Half and Pick Up a Friend and Smile. Being a 3-piece band with a classic style, it was a fairly straight setup. We experimented with some re-amping, drum bus effects, and bass fuzz to drive the songs along. Since we only had a short time to track instruments, I added a few elements in post such as hand claps and organ.

On the mixing side, I provided an initial 16-channel analog mix to the band that eventually got modified further in post by the artists. You can listen to both songs below, and if you like the tracks, drop a few coins into the hat over on their bandcamp page. From what I’ve heard, they also have plans to record a full-length soon. Keep your eyes out for that…

My Better Half

Pick Up a Friend and Smile